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Facebook may seem easy at first glance, just throw a couple of photos up and post some statuses here and there and you are good to go right? Not so much.

If you are actually committed to gaining new customers and sales for your brand then you need to spend some time making sure your Facebook is optimized to suit your needs.

Whether you already have an established Facebook business page or you are just getting started, these tips will have your brand taking full advantage of everything that the world of Facebook for business has to offer you.

Make sure you choose the right profile picture and timeline cover

When choosing your images, you need to remember that these two images are going to represent your brand and be the first thing that a customer sees from you.

You need to firstly choose images that are easily recognizable to your customers. This can be your logo, a headshot or anything else that is directly relatable and recognizable for your brand.

Also make sure your image is of high quality and the correct size so that your photos look great when you publish them.

Utilize the call to action button

The call to action button is a great asset to businesses using Facebook. In your settings you can choose an action you want your customers to take when they view your page.

This can be a buy now button, watch a video or head to a website for more information. Whatever you want your customer to do, make sure to put the call to action button to work.

Post when your followers are online

Facebook insights lets you see vital information about your followers including when they are online.

Due to the algorithms (that are constantly changing) of Facebook’s newsfeed, you need to ensure you are doing everything possible to make sure your followers can see you in their feeds.

So if you start posting content during a time that your fans aren’t online it will be falling on deaf ears. Hit your followers at the right moment by checking your insights regularly.

Post videos and upload directly to Facebook

Videos have a much higher engagement rate on Facebook than images do. Creating and uploading your own videos will increase your chances of firstly being viewed by your followers and also turning those views into sales or engagement.

Instead of uploading a link from Youtube (which will show the link and then the viewer will have to go to Youtube to view), upload your video directly to Facebook. This way the video will automatically play on your followers newsfeed and will be more likely to be seen.

Share user generated content

If your followers are tagging you in content they have created on their social media, acknowledge this by sharing to your business page! It will make your fans feel appreciated and show new customers your brand/products in action.

This creates more trust and has a personal touch that shows your brand cares about it’s followers.

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