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There is no denying that social media is arguably the most powerful form of marketing in this day and age. It has revolutionised how businesses utilise marketing and allowed them to reach their consumers directly. For this reason, businesses have been able to use different methods to engage with their customer and video marketing has become one of the most effective ways.

Creating engaging video marketing content on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube; allows businesses to increase brand awareness, build and online presence and most importantly, reach a larger audience.

But you already know this, so let’s talk about what you really want to know: how to make engaging videos on social media.

If you’re looking to make new videos or your existing ones just don’t seem to be that inspiring, checkout these 12 tactics that will gain you instant traction and customer engagement

1. Get their attention from the start

There is a plethora of videos on social media. Sometimes your content can be easily missed if you don’t grab the viewer’s attention within the first few seconds. Make sure you capture the viewer’s attention right from the beginning of the video. Some of the ways you can do this is:

  • Ask a question
  • Inspire emotion
  • Offer a solution
  • Be unique

By adapting one of these tips, viewers are more likely to listen to what you have to offer and engage with your video.

2. Keep it short and sweet

That’s right. Successful social media videos get right to the point and are usually no longer than 1 minute long. Your aim is to share important information and move your audience to the next step in your funnel.

Even though Facebook prefers video content, it is not the platform for long videos. Facebook video views begin to drop off after 1 minute so make sure you stick to that timeframe when creating your videos. More importantly, viewers are less likely to share videos that are longer.

3. Target the right channels

Businesses often go wrong here … Make sure you are on the relevant social media platforms that your customers are using. Just because Facebook is the biggest social media channel, doesn’t mean your customers use it. They might check Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter or SnapChat a number of times before they think to go on Facebook.

Get to know your target customer and find out what platforms they use and where they spend their time the most.

Tip* you can find success on different platforms, but an effective strategy to use would be to create your content on one channel and cross promote it on multiple channels. For example, you could host your videos on Facebook and share parts of them on other platforms.

4. Create high-quality videos

It is important that you create professional grade videos, as every piece of content you put out is a reflection of your brand. Good news, creating quality videos has become easier than ever before.

5. Don’t forget the muted viewer

Background sound effect and music are important components to a video, but keep in mind that majority of videos on Facebook are watched without sound. So ensure your video is captioned and isn’t heavily reliant on sound.

6. Have a call to action!

So your viewer has made it this far in the video and you want to keep them going. How do you do this?

Include a clear call to action at the end of your video so they can take the next step. Your call to action should be something like “click here for to find out more”, “buy now” or something along those lines that gives them clear instructions on what to do next.

7. Teaser videos create buzz

Do you have a product launch or big announcement to make? Teaser videos can be the ultimate way to get your followers excited and create anticipation around your brand.

8. Testimonials are a powerful tool

Testimonials from satisfied customers allow you to connect with your potential customers on an emotional level as they build trust and credibility.

If your customers aren’t comfortable getting in front of a camera, put their feedback in written text and include in your marketing videos.

9. Ensure you have the correct video size

Always ensure that you have the correct aspect ratio the social media channel you are posting videos on. Not all social media channels support the same video size so make sure they are formatted accordingly.

10. Upload videos directly to Facebook

Did you know videos that are uploaded straight to Facebook, have 10x the reach of videos that have sharing links from from other platforms?  Make sure you post your videos directly to Facebook, to ensure you maximise your reach and views.

11. Boost posts

Boosting videos can be a great way to get more users to see your content which can result in more shares, likes, followers and engagement. Boosted posts can be shown to existing followers or to other users through targeting.

12. Post at different times

The day and time you post can impact your video’s reach, so try and experiment with your posting schedule to find the optimal days and times to post.

You can use the platform’s analytics tool to identify patterns regarding users’ engagement and when they are most active. Use this data to start posting at those optimal times.


With Social Media platforms becoming oversaturated with content, it has become more challenging for businesses to connect with their audience.

This is where the power of effective video content comes in. When done properly and with a strategy behind it, you will notice an increase in SALES!

So get started on your next video with these tips and you’ll be set to grab users’ attention in no time!

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