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Hashtags can provide your business with a huge amount of benefits on your social media. You can use them to showcase your brand to a bigger audience, target specific people, increase your SEO success rate and raise awareness about your business. Hashtags are being used all over social media and here are a few reasons how they can help your brands marketing efforts online.

Boosting your organic reach

It seems like every other day Facebook and Instagram are implementing a new algorithm to their feeds so that brands pay for more advertising, thus making them more money. And whilst paid advertising is a great way to improve your social media, organic reach of your brand is also an important aspect of your marketing campaign.

Using hashtags on your posts will help your brand to cut through the noise of everyone else online. They will basically categorize your content and make sure it is shown to your targeted audience. When using hashtags make sure to use relevant and precise hashtags.

You should be connecting to your targeted audience not just anyone at all. Using irrelevant tags like #followme may boost your following numbers, but if your audience isn’t interested in your brand then what’s the point!?

Use branded hashtags

You can create your own hashtags using your business name or slogan or anything that is directly related your brand. Doing this will increase your user-generated content and inspire your audience to share your brand with the world. Encouraging your audience to use your branded hashtag will showcase your brand to their following, potentially inspiring more customers to purchase from you.

As well as this, branded hashtags will increase your own social media presence and if someone decides to click on this hashtag they can see all of your posts as well as your customers. Creating trust and increasing loyalty of your brand.

Promote your competitions

If you have created a contest or a competition on your social media, utilizing a hashtag will boost your overall user engagement. Everyone loves a freebie or a discount so you are more likely to see people competing when all they have to do is use a simple hashtag in a post of their own.  The more people use your hashtag, the more your brand will be seen online by new customers.

Take advantage of trending topics

Millions of people everyday read the news, see trending topics and thus post about it online. Using trending topics in the news can benefit your brand and marketing efforts as you could potentially tap into and engage with thousands of new and organic viewers.

It is best to join in on trending topics that actually affect or are relevant to your industry, otherwise you could make your brands social media seem like spam. As well as this, using irrelevant trending topics can lead to more followers but not from your customers, which should ultimately be your end goal when using social media.

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