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Social media is an ever changing industry and last year we saw enormous changes, features and new opportunities added to existing platforms that could see brands reap massive rewards!

Of course, predicting exactly what is going to happen this year is near impossible but we can already see a few trends taking off from last year and into this new year.

If you have a business then these are some of the social media trends to watch out for this year and jump on the bandwagon early.

More engagement between brands and audiences

Connecting with your audience will be more important than ever in 2018. Not only does connecting with your customers show your customers that you care about their voices but it also shows potential new customers that you are a brand that is trustworthy and engaged.

Making sure to connect with your audience doesn’t have to be difficult either. It can be as simple as a like on a comment, a thank you, or even a simple share of a customers photo.

Based on figures from 2017, customers are tagging and sharing brands on social media more and more so ensuring to respond to each customer encourages more customers to do the same and also receive acknowledgement. Make the effort and create longer lasting relationships with your customers.

Instagram stories

Instagram stories haven’t been around all that long, but in the space of their launch, Instagram Stories has 250 million daily users which compared to the 173 million daily users of Snapchat, is huge.

Instagram stories have a huge amount of engagement numbers, 1 in 5 organic instagram stories from brands sees at least one direct message from a consumer. That gives brands a massive opportunity to engage with their audience and promote their products on a whole new level of direct chat.

Your brands story could potentially reach more of your audience than your actual Instagram posts which is huge. As well as this, it makes your customers feel more connected to your brand, which will obviously work towards improving the trust between you and your audience.

Showing behind the scenes of your business, new packaging or even just a day in the life of your brand will boost your social media strategy in 2018 so make sure to start filming your brands life!

Filters and fun

Filters were huge in 2017 and we sense that this trend will continue into the new year. Customers love augmenting their reality and sharing online, and your brand could take massive advantage of this by creating your own custom filter or sticker.

Encourage your customers to follow your Instagram or Snapchat by offering competitions or discounts for using your filter and sharing on their socials.

Social media, although a great way to promote your brand and find out more about your customer, should be about having fun. No one wants to follow or buy from a boring or sad brand. Spend time making sure that your feeds are full of fun, interesting content that your customers will want to consume.

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